DJ Broadcasting Software Setup

Be sure to get access to the private #msp-waves-djs private team channel

Essential DJ Broadcasting Hardware:

PC/Mac/Linux computer or laptop

Headphones, Microphone or a combo headset.

Essential DJ Broadcasting Software:

The Discord Chat App [download]

You probably already have this going on.

This is where the live audience magic will happen, and the discord #msp-waves-live-audience channel chat room is what the video stream will minimally show.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) [download]

The software that will send the discord channel screen view to the players is called OBS. To get it to show “pieces” of your discord session such as the chat window or invite link and title info, you need to make little widgets using this super simple free tool here:

Minimally, OBS should be displaying your view of the discord chat room during your show.

Other overlay options are possible, including your webcam view, other desktop app windows you might want to share, or web pages in your browser for example.

Consult the Discord and OBS documentation and the linked discord streaming widget generator websites for more details on getting discord laid out how you want to show it and for details on all the cool cam and picture in picture stuff you can do with OBS on your desktop to control what you feed the stream and how it looks to your audience.

OBS wizard mode setup will ask for a server destination and two fields for connection information.

Open the wizard and take the defaults clicking next twice to the server setup on the third “screen” of the wizard.

The server destination is Custom Streaming Server
The first field is for the server information.
The second field is for the stream name or key.

The information that you should place into each field is listed below.

The stream name or key can be set to anything – we recommend the name of your show, using-hypens-as-spaces.

Field 1: rtmp://
Field 2: live

To test & preview streams open the following links in a player supporting RTMP
(For quick testing use something that accepts stream uri’s such as the freeware VLC player)


For live shows, a player will be shown in the site and also available via and possibly other streaming outlets on the internet.


Attention MSP Waves Radio Discord Jockeys! Read This Before Streaming Your Secrets!

If you need further assistance, let’s discuss it in the discord dj channel so all can learn from your questions!

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