MSP Waves Radio now has seven confirmed shows kicking off in the first week of August!

MSP Waves Radio Project Progress Report

Things are really starting to take shape over on for the upcoming launch of the MSP Waves Radio Network!

We are pleased to announce we now have five shows already scheduled and at least 3 more being setup in the next couple of days.

We plan to kick off the premiere of each show at it’s scheduled time during the first week of August.

Work is progressing on the streaming services infrastructure and it looks like we will be simulcasting via the the actual live discord audience chat room, as well as on site and on Twitch.TV, so you will have more than one way to consume or take part in the show!

You can head over to to see the line up and find out a little bit more about what we are up to!

If you are a member of the Minnow Support Project and would like to volunteer to commit to doing a weekly show, contact us in the MSP discord via @SirCork or @Aggroed and we will get you all hooked up!

Stay tuned, radio fans, August premiere week will be here in no time!


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