Shane and Muxxy Show Episode 1: 08/05/2017 – The one where tech issues abound

That’s a wrap!

The first episode is wrapped and ready to view/listen. We had some tech issues early on, and my audio is beyond cleanup, so eff it, here’s the first episode in its messy glory.

You can listen live every Saturday at 10pm-12am GMT at


Show Notes

Hosts: @swelker101 @gmuxx
Special guest: @rhondak of MSP and of @sft

  • Shane talks about The Shane and Muxxy Show origins and what to expect
  • Shane and Muxx talks about themselves and we go into Muxxy’s curation strategies
  • First Commercial from with discussion of @jimitations while Shane butchers the account name.
  • Shane introduces Rhonda who runs a home animal shelter
  • Rhonda writes novels, you should check them out
  • Shane gets the attention back on him vote his witness! swelker101
  • Rhonda shows her diplomatic side
  • MSP Fiction Workshop discussion
  • Rhonda and Muxxy discuss their inspirations in writing
  • MSP Member of the Week – @stitchybitch – Check out her steemit page and be happy.
  • Rhonda explains how she found steemit and MSP
  • Shane gets weepy about MSP, muxx joins in on the family fun
  • Shane’s vodka kicks in and he starts asking repeat questions. Rhonda has a bitpay card
  • @jimitation commercial break
  • Back to curation as Shane struggles to stretch time
  • Steemshelves as the vodka has REALLY kicked in.
  • Shane begs for positive attention in his characterizations in certain serialized fictions stories.
  • Muxx, Shane, and Rhonda grumble about the dark side of steemit.
  • @jimitations commercial – Shane finally realizes he’s butchered the account name the entire show.
  • Plugs and Close – Donate to Rhonda @rhondak@sft. Muxx: @gmuxx@muxxybot. Shane: @swelker101@msp-shanehug and all can be found at PALnet at


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