Shane and Muxxy Show Episode 02: 08/12/2017 – Aches and Pains

We survived week 2!

I think we started hitting a groove in this one, and now we’re ready to display it for all to see.

I no longer sound like I’m in a wind tunnel, and @gmuxx‘s voice continues to soothes the soul.

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Show Notes

Hosts: @swelker101@gmuxx
Special Guest: @stitchybitch

  • Shane talks about a disgusting home he saw this week at work
  • Stitchybitch worked on light aircraft, plus hardcore cross-stitching.
  • Muxx discusses his dealing with MS and how he had to fight the healthcare system
  • Muxx is back into his 3D modeling and fears the Millennial Falcon
  • @jimitations commercial break and contest discussion
  • Muxxy has lent his voice for stitchy’s text notifications
  • We grill Stitchy on her winning last week’s Member of the Week
  • This week’s Member Of The Week: @tremendospercy . Yay!
  • Stitchy talks about how she found PALnet
  • Music break: Empire by @evm –
  • We discuss writing and Shane is the only one that knows Judy Blume
  • Muxxy Pimps his writing contest
  • We discuss general chat after hours
  • Discussion on flagging on Steemit. We have a steemit member that’s flagging MSP members.. But don’t worry, he’s harmless
  • Cryptotalk – 3 people that have no clue talk about it. Shane checked and the 20% off amazon seems shady No link provided
  • Back to healthcare and how we are all falling apart
  • MSM and homeschooling
  • Wrap-up and plugs – Stitchy: @stitchybitch Muxx: @gmuxx@muxxybot. Shane: @swelker101@msp-shanehug and all can be found at PALnet at


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