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globocop and disarrangedjane


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Join Jane & Chris


Jane’s CHAOS Show

with Truth Bombs – Fun Banter, Giggles, Music ..and serious News Analyses

TIME CHANGE Now starting at 12 am UTC for a full 3 Hour Show

…for lively, passionate, and humorous discussions on politics, geo-politics, music and anything that comes to mind.

Entertaining – Engaging – Invigorating

Every Friday – from 12 am – 3 am UTC (7-10 pm Central)

We will fill ad-hoc music requests and invite callers (if this is technically possible)…

Both Jane and Chris are having plentys of fun bantering away, coupling serious political analyses, high quality music selections, talk and daily life hacks that help us to cope in a world that is moving faster than a tornado changes direction. To withstand the storm, we are not taking ourselves too seriously – but the world around us – that’s serious biz.  Main thing – whatever life throws at us – let’s enjoy it and have fun! 👸 & 🤠


  • Saturday - 12:00 am - 3:00 am

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