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Flew Shot will mirror the #EHO blog as we share our collective efforts to homestead, micro-farm, practice zero waste, sustainability, health & wellness, alernative education and return to a techno-agrarian community rooted lifestyle. Segment 1- Eye: We’ll cover all things culture and the counter thereof by exploring technological trends and how they interplay with society; perspective futurism here. Segment 2 – Heart: Those whom we cross paths with as well as the ones who’ve paved the way before us, Innovators and introverts. The Hippies, Ravers, Homesteaders, Growers, Radicals and Skeptics a like. Segment 3 – Organic: Local sustainable agriculture from top to bottom. Cannabis to collard greens. Modes geared more towards the NE regions of the US. The why, the how and the how come. #EHO’s mantra, “Here we grow, Together we Bloom”.


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