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A Musical Exploration –  all music played is tuned to 432 Hz, the calmer, softer, more defined frequency – the natural way to listen to music. 🎶

Subject today: LIGHT – FIRE – SUN – MOON – DARKNESS

as inspired by our friend @432hzcreations

Starting One Hour Earlier from 9pm UTC (10 pm GMT, 5 pm EDT, 4 pm CDT, 2 pm PDT) 


Let us explore the mysteries of frequencies during the show.  Everything is Frequency. Energy, Life and Information.

Frequency waves can alter our physical and our mental state.

Frequencies can heal – and they can kill. They are used by doctors and by the military.

We shall dive into the fascinating world of Frequencies on a enjoyable and relaxing Saturday afternoon. Diverse music gengres to appreciate the beauty of the Golden Frequency: 432 Hz.


  • Saturday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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