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Chris’s Christian Show – God Waves

Sun, Sep 3rd 2017

Killing Sacred Cows…

…To Break Every Chain!

Proving by the Word of God that we, as believers, have unfaithomable power through Christ Jesus. The hindrances to our freedom, healing, financial independence, happiness, and peace are, Jesus tells us, unbelief and tradition. 

Traditions are based on false, non biblical teachings through religion: Sacred Cows. We have to grow up into HIM – the way God wants us to exercise power. You are about to break free from the chains of sacred cows so that you can live the fulfilled life that God wanted His children to live.

It is difficult for many to shake off such false teachings, because it is all many believers know. Hav you ever wondered why things are not working according to God’s promise in your life? Could it be, that the believes taught maybe non biblical, thus limiting you?

Globo will aslo play Christian music  to remind ourselves of who God is, to reflect, and to honor our Creator.

Together, we explore God’s Word.  Do you have any questions about God? Chris will try to address them as best as he can.

Chris is a born again Christian who came to Christ in February of 2011. He was baptized in October at the beach of Jersey.

We will invite guests, Christians on Steemit, who may share their testimony and support the MSP Waves Radio listeners.

Join Christ today at

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Strengthen your faith in God. Give praise for the things He has done for you or your loved ones.

Submit your Prayer requests via Discord during the show.

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Join me every Sunday from 4-6 pm Central, 9-11 pm UTC and tune into God-Waves, here, on MSP Waves Radio.



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