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WipGirl gets to the heart of performance.

Tuesdays 11am-1pm PST/6pm-8pm UTC

Sit back and take it all in as WipGirl delivers the basic structure of – how to boost your thinking, your performance, and develop your own personal philosophy of performance.

People, jobs, money, pets, computers, traffic, spouses, the market, the weather (and on and on and on), all of these things are – conditions in our lives.  

It isn’t the big things – like a diagnosis of a disease, or a divorce, or death in the family that occupies 100% of our daily thinking time.  It is the everyday stuff we deal with that determines our mood.  Our overall disposition in life.  And it is this overall disposition – our general outlook in every moment, which determines the type of life we live.

It’s our current overall state of mind that determines how many of the big things in life we get hit with.  Ahem.  And when those things do show up in our life (and they always do) – are we in a place to handle them easily and roll with it?  Or, do we implode mentally? You know, (that silent voice that is screaming on the inside), as the undercurrent of chaos wraps itself into our daily experience.

WipGirl is a speaker, blogger, author, trainer, and she tirelessly cooks for the homeless in her hometown of Salem, Oregon.  She spent 12 years with US Bank Home Mortgage as both a sales and regional manager.  She coached 100% commissioned sales teams to staggering success, and received top honors as the national regional manager of the year, two years running, and set numerous sales records.

She was on FIRE!  Right about that time…

The diagnosis of a rare in curable disease in 2013, gastroparesis, (meaning a paralyzed belly), forced her to take her philosophy to a whole new level.  

She began living her work in a way that saved her own life.  Now healthy and vibrant, she speaks about hacking mental performance from a professional aspect and she also delivers a transforming and vibrant…personal health message.

WipGirl’s shows on mspwaves radio will be a compilation of knowledge over her entire career.

It lays the foundation for unconditional living.  Which is the hidden, underlying truth of performance (and attaining what you want in life).





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