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No Bull is a no holds barred news and hard rock show with an independent perspective like no other on the alternative media scene. I promise to bring an aggressive and principled take on world events and provide my honest, Libertarian opinion on what is really happening.


If you like metal music than you are in luck! I have been involved in the New England scene for over 20 years and have jumped into more than my fair share of pits. I love the speed and emotion put into the genre and will bring music ranging from European Melodic to American Death Metal to every show and make sure there is never a dull moment! If it is fast and heavy, we will play it.

Engaging Presentation

When I say interactive podcast I really mean it, too. Not only will I be reading good points, both pro and con, brought up in our many chat rooms but if you listen to the first half of my show and have anything to add or would like to debate what I bring to the table, you can hop on air during the second hour and I will provide you with a chance to get your voice heard, No Bull.

Information War Famous

Hopefully you know me from the other podcasts I produce like The Decentralized News Hour on the *Information War network and The Real Resistance on the Canna-Curate network or my many appearances with my friends on MSP Waves but if we are just meeting now, please do visit my blog where I engage with everyone who reaches out to me on a daily basis.

Getting Personal

I’m an open book so don’t be shy. Here is a little bit to get us started.

I was born in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts during the golden age of the 1980s. We started moving north almost right away and so spent my early years in the city of Lawrence Massachusetts where I experienced an interesting part of our American culture being that it is the place with the most connection to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Growing up in a place where the majority of people spoke Spanish as a first language shaped my personality and has stayed with me well enough that both languages are spoken in my household to this day.

Married with Children

I now live with my wife of over a dozen years in Manchester, New Hampshire with our five children. Besides being a father and DJ with MSP, I am a Homeschool Teacher and avid writer. That’s not enough for a guy like me though and very soon our family will be saying goodbye to the city life and starting our own homestead complete with orchards and animals far from where we live now.

Much More…

I have plenty more to talk about but if you want to know about my years spent as a steel carpenter on the docks of Boston Harbor, how I went from a part-time security guard to the head of security for the entire northeast division of America’s biggest media company, what it feels like to the subject of an undercover Project Veritas sting while trying to run the polling station for your neighbors as the duly elected Moderator, the perils of owning the only nightclub hosting live metal bands in the biggest city of your State or just what it took me to become a Master of the Blue Lodge in the infamous fraternity of the Free Masons, you are going to have to hang out with this Saturday the 27th, on No Bull from 11pm to 1am UTC on the MSP Waves Network.
Thank you for checking my show. I hope to see you there!

This write-up was first published Oct 26th 2018 here


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