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The roots of the underground run deep.. The tribes hold the connection to the spirit of revolution. The family comprises a vision.

A diverse thread is making its way through history.. Built of ACTION inspired by the rage over injustice and desire for freedom. Dark on the surface technicolor on the inside .. Within it pulsing with juicy uncontainable expansive energy, lusting for life ready to break the walls of the outdated fossilized systems that blocks us on our way to freedom of movement+creativity = expression.

Seductive, mysterious, deep and reassuring once you immerse in it.
I intend to reconnect with that source.. It’s calling me again after 7 years.. It has lived its own life in the meantime and evolved into something much larger.

I can feel its threads connect to what we all seem to be part of here on P.A.L

Lets revisit the path, get reminded of the struggle and the soundtrack to it!

Travellers, Rebels, Anarchist, Ravers, Squatters, Hippies, Freaks, Rascals, Faeries, Artists and Musicians, people with the heart in the right place and the gut to fight for the right thing, my chosen family, let’s come together to share the stories, a little chit chat and some smashing tunes!


  • Thursday - 11:00 pm - 1:00 am


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