The Dancing Dreamers

Hosted by:

DJ Damashii


The Dancing Dreamers with DJ Damashii is the first Steem blockchain-related radio show that focuses solely on the Electronic Dance Music culture and lifestyle.

The goal is to shine a light on the true significance of EDM and really highlight the human face of the EDM scene, to combat this popularized stereotype that we are all just a bunch of irresponsible kids trying to escape from the problems of the “real world” for a few hours.

The show will discuss the deeper spiritual and philosophical themes and ideas that underlie the entire EDM culture and dig deep into how Electronic Dance Music connects us to a time in the distant history of mankind, when we were connected to each other and unified through tribal gatherings, sharing our dreams with each other and working together to make them a reality.

In keeping with the show’s name, The Dancing Dreamers will also feature Steemians who attend EDM festivals and events, and discuss their experiences there, as well as their hopes and dreams.

A wide array of Electronic Dance Music will also be played throughout the show, both “mainstream” tracks and original tracks by musicians who are on the Steem blockchain. If scheduling permits, EDM artists on the blockchain will also be featured on the show, where they will have a chance to talk about their music and share their stories with listeners.

DJ Damashii has been involved in the Electronic Dance Music industry since 2009, and has written for a few EDM blogs and gone to countless events over the years. He has interviewed several artists during his time as an EDM blogger and editor, and has now found a home on the radio waves as the host of his own EDM radio show. He currently also runs an EDM blog called The Dancing Dreamers, under his Steemit account. At EDM festivals, you can find him going by the name of “KAOZ,” talking to people and learning about their dreams and goals in life, when he’s not busy raging the night away on the dance floor or at the front rail.


  • Thursday - 1:00 am - 3:00 am

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