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Accidental wordsmith, accounting professional and impassioned blockchain enthusiast based out of Denver, Colorado. LPFaust has a diverse array of interest including history, economics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and satire. As an active blogger on the Steemit platform, @lpfaust has authored a diverse array of serialized content. Subcultures and Social Trends, a series focused on showcasing unique subcultures Deeper Dives, a series focused on living in a featured subculture for a period of time. Be the Show: Uncovering the Personalities behind the Posts, a series focused on showcasing the personalities of the creators and influencers of Steemit. US Tax Considerations, a series focused on US Tax Law with a focus on cryptocurrency. The Spirit of American Heritage and Voices of the Past, a series focused on historically significant places and events in US History. Centennial State Diaries, a series focused on Colorado travel and entertainment.







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