Voices From the Mountains

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Intuitive Jakob, Jim and Vince


Jakob Martinez is an intuitive, modern shaman, and creative artist, based out of Denver, Colorado. He “crossed over” the nano-bridge and since returning, has devoted his passion to bringing more light into the world, by sharing the healing ARTOFLOVE. Creativity birthed new life into a body that was dying for expression. It is this form of sharing that helped Jakob heal and because of this, he is launching Voices From The Mountains radio show to share the stories and art from others who are injecting their creative talents into the world.



Falseyedols (Vincent Jordan) is an audiovisual artist, musician, educator and father from Colorado Springs, CO. He has been performing and creating under the stage name “Falseyedols” for roughly five years now, but has barely begun his journey. Most of those years have been dedicated to planning, creating and learning how to better express his vision through art. A guitarist of over 10 years, coming from a metal and rock background, Vincent has gone an entirely different direction with his creation. Blending elements of ambient, electronic, bass, trap, hip hop, IDM and post rock, to name a few, the music of Falseyedols is like nothing you have ever heard. With recent involvement in the Steemit community, Falseyedols surely has a lot in store for the future!




Accidental wordsmith, accounting professional and impassioned blockchain enthusiast based out of Denver, Colorado. LPFaust has a diverse array of interest including history, economics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and satire. As an active blogger on the Steemit platform, @lpfaust has authored a diverse array of serialized content. Subcultures and Social Trends, a series focused on showcasing unique subcultures Deeper Dives, a series focused on living in a featured subculture for a period of time. Be the Show: Uncovering the Personalities behind the Posts, a series focused on showcasing the personalities of the creators and influencers of Steemit. US Tax Considerations, a series focused on US Tax Law with a focus on cryptocurrency. The Spirit of American Heritage and Voices of the Past, a series focused on historically significant places and events in US History. Centennial State Diaries, a series focused on Colorado travel and entertainment.







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